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Wisdom tells me I am nothing,
Love tells me I am everything,
Somewhere in between
my life flows.

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Shinzen Young Retreat
May 9 – 15, 2015
Allenspark, Colorado

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About Sierra Retreats

Sierra Retreats is a Colorado non-profit corporation dedicated to making the dharma (Buddhist teachings) available in Colorado's Front Range area. We have sponsored meditation retreats since 1990 bringing highly respected Buddhist teachers from throughout the country to teach in a lovely Colorado setting.

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Dana is the practice of generosity. Your help in funding Sierra Retreats will primarily go toward providing partial scholarships to those who have difficulty paying the full cost of retreats. These are paid for through dana, or donations, provided by others. Many who have received assistance also give dana when they can afford to do so. Dana of any amount helps make the Dharma available to others and is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Please note that Sierra Retreats is a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation but does not have an IRS Tax ID Number. Donations to Sierra Retreats may not be tax deductable.

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Shinzen Young

ShinzenA native of Los Angeles, Shinzen became fascinated with Asian culture at an early age, learning Chinese and Japanese while still in his teens. In 1968, he entered a doctoral program in Buddhist studies at the University of Wisconsin. Three years later he was ordained as a Buddhist monk at Mount Koya, Japan.

After several years of training in Asian monasteries, he became interested in the scientific study of meditative states and worked at the Princeton Biofeedback Institute. He taught Asian philosophy at Chapman College and mathematics and physics at Ernest Holmes College, and frequently serves as translator for Joshu Sasaki Roshi at Mount Baldy Zen Center .

Shinzen has been conducting meditation retreats throughout North America for over 20 years. His goal is to make meditative practice a viable path for Westerners, not just an exotic import from the East.

Shinzen's YouTube Channel

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John Travis

Picture of John TravisJohn was recommended to us by Shinzen a few years ago and graciously led a retreat with us in 2004.  We were thrilled to have a Senior Spirit Rock teacher join us. John combines psychological knowledge with extensive training in Buddhism and a colorful personal history.  He likes to lead intimate retreats that allow more direct contact with retreatants through personal interviews and discussion.  People have found him to be warm and very approachable and insightful.  With us, he used the Spirit Rock / IMS style of meditation guidance, i.e. starting with a breath focus and gradually expanding to the body, sound, and thoughts and emotions.  Using bells, he also did a wonderful sound meditation from the Tibetan tradition.

John has studied vipassana meditation since 1969. He spent many years with recognized Buddhist masters, and took Initiation with His Holiness the 16 th Karmapa. In 1970 he began his studies in the vipassana tradition with Munindra and later became a student of S.N. Goenka. In 1979, he became a monk under the Venerable Taungpulu Sayadaw. His teachers are widely recognized today as among the great Asian masters of Buddhism of our time. John continued his studies in Asia and later in the U.S. where he began teaching in 1986. From 1988 to 1993, he devoted himself to formal teacher training with Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., at Spirit Rock Center. After completing training he was ordained and given Dharma transmission in the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw and Achaan Chaa. John has been resident teacher of Mountain Stream Meditation Center, in the Northern California Sierra Foothills since its inception.

You can listen to some of John's Dharma Talks at the Mountain Stream website.

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Sitting Groups

Sierra Retreats Sangha, Boulder, CO Mondays 5:15 - 7 pm, Contact Lois at 303-439-0407 or

Refugee Meditation Group, Boulder, 2nd and 4th Sundays 9 - 12noon, Contact Lois at 303-439-0407 or

Insight Meditation Community of Colorado - - offers sitting groups in Boulder and Denver and retreats throughout the year.

Impermanent Sangha - Meditation retreats in wilderness and nature.

Boulder mindfulness - Meditation classes, retreats and groups, taught with Shinzen’s system.

Shakti Vihara - - A Theravada nun training Vihara in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Ajahn Thanasanti and the Sangha host regular Saturday and Wednesday night sits, seminars, moonlight vigils and retreats. Contact for more information.

Prairie Mountain Zendo - - offers regular Tuesday evening sits in Longmont and Saturday morning sits in Fort Collins as well as periodic retreats. Prairie Mountain Zendo follows the Soto Zen tradition. Contact Cliff Clusin at 303-532-3218 for more information.

Rocky Mountain Insight - hosts weekly sits, classes, retreats and other events in Colorado Springs. E-mail:, Phone: 719-634-0566

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